Revolver: A New Magazine for Men, Videos Only!

Posted on Monday, August 20th, 2012 by

Revolver brings a new type of magazine for men; a visual one, featuring short videos that are viral at the moment and that men can relate to.

For all kinds of men

Revolver’s definition of itself is ‘Videos for Men’ and they mean all kinds of men, it is not another sexist website that prides itself on dirty jokes and sexy pictures… You will find all sort of different categories such as Arts, Music, Sports, Humor, Wheels, Film, Tech, News and of course Women (though it has some videos with erotic flavor, its more tasteful then other sites of this criteria…). So the idea of Revolver is that every man will find videos of topics that he likes.

All your interests in one video magazine!

In our crazy era we consume the media in haste, usually between other things that we do, and since YouTube’s revolution videos became available on demand and therefore one of the easiest ways to consume popular culture. This is exactly why a visual video magazine seems so appropriate for this age, the fact that it is curated by the Revolver team and not by any teenager with a computer that can ‘upload’, keeps it clean of spam and inappropriate content and keeps it a video men magazine, with the theme and concept the founders intended it to be. So I suggest to all the guys out there to give it a try, I know I had a good time trying it myself, and added it to My Faves!

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