Weduary: Create a Social and Beautiful Wedding Website

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Weduary helps you create a social and beautiful wedding website that connects you to your guests and your guests to each other before the big day.

Your wedding deserves its own website!

Weduary is a new way to build a social and beautiful wedding website in minutes. Each site can be customized, allowing you to choose from free or premium themes to your palette. Creating a wedding-website with Weduary is quite simple, enabling  photos uploads from both your computer and your Facebook account to make albums, controlling all of your wedding registries and tutoring you step by step until your wedding website is perfect.


For people who take care of their guests social needs…

Weduary’s best feature and the thing that sets it apart from other wedding sites, is the social, guests page. On it your guests can see who else is coming and who they should meet at the wedding based on relationship status, common interests and mutual friends on Facebook. The fact that Weduary provides a way for your guests to meet and connect with each other before the event is innovative and shows that the people behind this website understand weddings and the social aspects behind your event.


Makes me want to marry my wife again…

Examining Weduary for you guys kind of got me sentimental so I used this blog to brag a little about my beautiful (small but growing) Halevi tribe. If you plan on getting married some day soon, making your wedding website will not be that big a project as you might think it should be. So check Weduary out and enjoy yourself as much as I have.

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