Places we’ve Been, Loved and Would Go to Again

Posted on Monday, March 12th, 2012 by

Who doesn’t love vacations!? – I’m the kind of person that spends the whole year saving money for holidays, especially when I’m going to travel abroad. In fact, I love planning vacations so much that as soon as I get back home with sand between my toes and a beautiful tanned skin, I get started on my new research. The only problem is… how can I possibly decide my following destination in such a wide world? And that’s when I thank my lucky stars for this latest Weekly Fave discovery, Jetsetter!

Expert Travel Advice

It’s a community of travelers that provides members – and members only (don’t worry, it’s free to join!) – with “insider access, expert knowledge and exclusive deals on the world’s greatest vacations”. The service includes all kinds of amazing deals: You’ll find “hotels, homes and tours at up to 50 percent off the usual price”. The only downside is that they last for a limited time of between seven and ten days only. So you have to hurry up!

“No place like someone else’s home”…

In the site’s ‘Homes’ section, you will find that “there’s no place like someone else’s home“. It offers a fabulous range of rental properties, from city apartments to chateaus. Yes, actual chateaus! While in the ‘Travel Planning’ section, you’ll be paired up with an expert on your chosen destination…

You’ll soon be benefitting from their recommendations and even an itinerary for your trip. Every destination’s got a review written by one of the Jetsetter’s correspondents. The hotels are verified, which means that the editor has been there and it met the website’s standards. Haven’t convinced you yet? Give it a try… Pack your stuff and go on the world’s best vacations!

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