DrugCite: Educate Yourself on the Side Effects of Any Drug

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Did you know?…

DrugCite – I don’t mean to scare you at all, but… did you know that 5.61% of Aspirin users reporting adverse events to the FDA reported gastro-intestinal hemorrhages after taking it? Did you know that 6.2% of Ritalin (the ADD medication) side effects reported were negative neurological side effects? Did you know that 5.16% of people who took Alka Selzer Plus Cold (a common cold medication) and reported side effects to the FDA needed Cardiac investigations for adverse side effects on their heart rate and blood pressure? No, I didn’t either…

We so often ignore warnings about the side effects of drugs, mostly because we think there’s no useful way of finding them out without reading boring small print. DrugCite aims to make it easy to find out key information about any drug, so we can educate ourselves properly about the drugs we do and don’t want to take.

Never take a drug blindly again…

To your right is DrugCite’s report on the side effects of Xanax. I found it incredibly easily. Literally, I just typed in Xanax and boom, I got all the info I needed. And that’s the key to why we at All My Faves really dig this site: it’s simple, easy to use, and makes all the FDA’s drugs data accessible to absolutely anyone!

This data has been available to the public for a relatively long time, but as with any huge amount of data, it could only be found in a bulk package that was almost impossible to take any useful meaning from.

DrugCite has jumped on a growing online trend of visualizing data to change this and finally make it consumable by us common folks. But while infographics have mainly been used for entertainment purposes, this site takes that concept and makes it truly useful.

All My Faves’ Bottom Line:

We think this site could become another health site you’ll go to like WebMD when you have any query about drug you’re thinking of taking. So click here to educate yourself on the side effects of any drug in the world.

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