Loupe: A New, Creative Way to Share Your Facebook Photos

Posted on Monday, March 12th, 2012 by

The “Photo Collage of the Future”:

Get Loupe – Sometimes you just have so many photos you want to share with your friends. And sometimes Facebook just doesn’t cut it. 1) It’s not personal or private enough. 2) It’s just not that interesting, and it’s certainly not creative… Loupe on the other hand, is as personal as you want it to be, and about as interesting & creative as online photo sharing gets!

It’s a simple process. You click ‘Get Started’, add photos from any number of sources (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or simply an internet images search), pick the shape you want your collage to take, and hey presto, you have a fun photo collage. It’s magic I tell you! Watch the tutorial video someone made on Youtube below, or click here to dive in and have a go.

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