eBay Group Gifts – The Pefect Fail-Proof Group Purchase

Posted on Monday, November 15th, 2010 by

eBay Group Gifts – Imagine a close friend of yours moves into a new house and you really want to give him a housewarming gift that stands out, like a cool set of rock speakers for his new deck outside. The only thing is, these speakers can cost more than you can afford at the moment. One option would be to do a group purchase with some of your mutual buddies, where one person actually buys the gift online, and the others pay him back later. Well, eBay’s Group Gifts feature takes this basic purchase option and makes it better, super easy and fun.

Simply go to the Group Gifts main page, type in the name of the gift’s recipient and the occasion (you can also pick the friend’s name straight from your Facebook friends list). Next, search for a gift and pick one, just make sure it’s from the ‘Buy it Now’ section (see photo below), and select your contribution’s amount to the gift’s overall price. The following step includes providing an active PayPal account where you and all the other buddies pitching in can make your respective contribution. This cool feature includes setting a time limit, which totally eliminates the entire issue of reminding your friends to pay you back !

Once the payment portion is done, eBay will send the gift to the recipient and voila, he’ll have to figure out where exactly he’d like to position those rock-like speakers. For more information on eBay’s amazing new group purchase feature, see the video below. We loved the Group Gift option , especially for the holidays!

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