Cowbird Stories: For When 140 Characters Just Isn’t Enough…

Posted on Monday, March 26th, 2012 by

Tell your Never Ending Story with Cowbird:

A great way to describe our latest Weekly Fave, Cowbird, is Twitter for the soul – or in slightly less lyrical terms, the complete opposite of Twitter’s endless rush of instant, throwaway one-liners. Cowbird is a never ending web of online storytellers, linked almost magically by the subjects of their stories: the people, places and themes they evoke. It’s thoughtful, visual, engrossing: a modern day diary for the online generation. You can write or record a visual, picture, video or sound-based online diary or story, and share it with the world. Cowbird then is a different type of social network. One where every story you tell is placed in your virtual library, where it can take pride of place forever. Sound intriguing? That’s because it is!

Be heard amid the noise

Despite the noticeable amount of buzz in major news publications it’s generated recently, the Cowbird community is still relatively small, which means your voice won’t drown in a sea of stories. It’s also fun and easy to find new stories and streams, because you can search by place, people, topic, or even from a pool of stories grouped together in a “saga” (currently there are 2: the ‘Occupy’ political movement and Valentines Day ‘First Love’ stories. But enough reading here, you’ve got a lot more to do on Cowbird, so click here to jump in and take a look around.


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