Create a More Visual – and Cheaper – “About Me” Website

Posted on Monday, March 26th, 2012 by

DooID: Your very own personal showcase

DooID – How do you show yourself off on the internet? Your Facebook page? But there’s too many drunken photos of you on there to truly showcase yourself, especially professionally… Your Twitter? Maybe, but it’s very at-the-moment, and what you remarked on three days ago will probably already be forgotten tomorrow… How about a personal website? But it’s too expensive and time consuming you say… Well, actually it’s neither time consuming nor expensive to build a multi-platform personal website if you use dooID!

This is me!

If you click on this link, you’ll see, well, me. It’s my dooID that I made while checking out the site… Looks pretty good I think; so good that it’s now the first item in my Faves! It only took me about half an hour to make AND it didn’t cost me a cent!

What’s really good about it, and what makes dooID an excellent alternative personal website maker to competitors like, is the advanced, yet easy-to-use customization options it offers you. There’s loads of different ways you can showcase yourself, as you can see from the completely contrasting examples above and below. And if you’re willing to spend $5 a month you can get a whole host of extra features, including a full mobile website too.

If you want to try out dooID, click here. And don’t forget to share your site with us. Maybe we’ll feature you on Facebook or Twitter if it’s good!

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