Botl: How Far Will Your ‘Message in a Bottle’ Go?

Posted on Monday, September 3rd, 2012 by

Botl is the “message in a bottle” social network.  Share images, music, audio and text, and see how far your messages go!

See exactly how global your message can get!

When you think of social networks now-days, you think about a platform for you and your friends to share things and through your circle of friends you expand to the world. Botl focuses on the ‘around the world’ part more than any other social network. 

Even though you can track your friends ‘bottles’, the innovation in Botl is the idea that you send a message as a text, music, audio or images to the whole wide world, just like throwing a bottled message to the sea. You do not know who will see the message, where will they see it or what they will make of it! Fun? We’ll let you decide!

How does Botl work?

Botl is as simple as you would imagine. After registering you can start browsing through a Pinterest-like tiled screen with all the recent bottles thrown to the web ocean. Every Botl you like will be automatically pinned to your like feed.

Once you send a Botl you can track its mileage and the places it visits around the world. This is the interesting thing about Botl – we all know that the web is global but seeing our message going from U.S.A to Israel to France to Canada and then back to the U.S is amazing.

What’s next?

The Botl team promises us that they are always working to improve this social network; embedding Soundcloud, allowing you to upload images by URL, direct user-to-user messaging, auto notifications and more.  We love the product they have going right now though, so any upgrade will be a bonus for us! Give it a try, lets see what mileage your Botl will gain…


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