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Quote.FM is the best way to discover, read, collect, recommend, curate, and discuss written stories. It’s the perfect way for you to find stories that worth your time.

 Fancy a good read?

The internet offers countless amazingly great articles with the potential to convey striking ideas, to change one’s entire world view and to provoke emotions. Usually we do not have time to look for them, and even then we don’t have enough time to read them all. Quote.FM is your way to discover these stories and recommend others to read them.

Quote.FM could be described therefore as a gold mine of well-written, wonderful texts represented by quotes. It’s all about quality, about the experience of reading something great. It’s about the texts.

How does Quote.FM work?

Quote.FM is a very easy to use website, after a quick registration you find people to follow and automatically their recommendations enters your feed. You can connect your Quote.FM account to your Twitter, Facebook, Instapaper, Readability or Pocket accounts, centering all your relevant contacts of people who might be interesting to follow.

You can use a Chrome plugin or drag Quote.FM’s bookmarklet and use it to recommend an article on your Quote.FM timeline, all you have to do is mark the quote you like and press the bookmarklet to add a comment about it and its there for all your followers to see.

Our time is valuable!

Because spare time is so rare now-days, nobody wants to wast time reading spam articles. Quote.FM is your way to only read articles that convey striking ideas, changed the opinion of someone you trust, or provokes emotions. The internet offers countless amazingly great articles with the potential to move you. Use Quote.FM and read them, be moved by them, share them.


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