Fourist: The World’s Best Weekends… Captured on Instagram

Posted on Monday, September 3rd, 2012 by

Fourist shows you what weekends look like in cities around the world allowing you to experience them through other people’s Instagram.

What is Fourist?

Fourist lets you explore the best of weekends around the world through a collection of Instagram photos taken by people from each city.  The website aggregates the most liked photos taken over weekend, allowing people to search and discover what  weekends look like in any city.

The idea is that photos taken on the weekend are the ones most worth seeing Рthose that most likely represent extraordinary and fun. The best thing about Fourist is the fact that it shows you differences and similarities of different cities and people around the world.

Why not just use Instagram?

The whole idea of Fourist is that it takes a very specific niche of Instagram, finding only photos taken between Friday at 5pm through Sunday at midnight, choosing the photos by the number of people who liked the photo , and helps people navigate the world of photos by only showing the best places have to offer – and by focusing on weekends – places at their most fun.

Weekends are Fun!

Fourist’s concept is that photos taken on the weekend are the ones most worth seeing – those that most likely represent a fun, adventurous, beautiful, daring, weird, individual moment in time. Go on and see what a weekend looks like in places you know only from the news.

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