BlurryPeople – Credibility Confirmed

Posted on Monday, September 13th, 2010 by

BlurryPeople – Online video chat can be quite controversial and, well, a bit too explicit as we have seen with Chat Roulette. As long as there is no censorship or filtering mechanism to these chat services, there is always the risk of meeting ‘unbalanced’ people, and in worse cases, sexually deranged users. BlurryPeople is a video/audio chat service that has decided to put its foot down and create a feedback-based system that takes out the impure and abusive aspect people are sick of in chats.

What BlurryPeople have done is simple, effective and it works like a charm; when you sign up and start video chatting, you can’t set in advance the desired profile of the people you want to meet online (age, gender, etc.). You meet total strangers, and for the first few minutes both users see each other blurred. As the conversation continues (meaning there is mutual interest), the fuzzyness starts to clear out. When you’re done talking, you are both asked to rate each other, and based on that rating you will or will not be able to filter out your next chat’s partner search.

Great idea, good execution and appropriate ethics implementation make BlurryPeople the sane choice for today’s video chat.

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