Aol Answers – Another Shot at Q & A

Posted on Monday, September 13th, 2010 by

Aol Answers –  America Online is now trying to get into the rather overpopulated Q & A category, with its new feature, Aol Answers. The question is, do they offer anything that the other major Q & A players do not already have? Based on my personal familiarity with the existing major players in the field such as Yahoo! Answers, Wiki Answers, Yedda and the like (see the top ones on our Q & A faveline on the Education page), the answer is: not really.

That does not mean however, that making use of Aol Answers is not a rewarding experience. The interface is simple, appealing and user friendly, which makes posting questions or answering other users’ question easy as pie. In addition, the range of Q & A topics you will find here is immense, but so is Yahoo! Answers.’ As I see it, Aol is trying to push itself into an already inundated market, and unless it offers an added value its counterparts do not include, I doubt they will be able to cope with the competition.

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