Hypejar: Discover Products Before they are Released!

Posted on Monday, December 24th, 2012 by

Hypejar is the place to find future product releases. Get in-depth information about upcoming new and exciting products before they reach the market.

A Platform for Future Products. Releasing Soon!

Hypejar is an online community and consumer opinion platform. Unlike other review sites, it is a place for you to discover, follow and obtain valuable information about future releases.  You can see other people’s level of anticipation or as the Hypejar’s team like’s to call it, “hype” for specific products, and contribute your opinion by ‘Hyping it up’ or ‘Hyping it down’ yourself. This platform allows you to keep track of products and be notified of their releases, by simply adding products into your ‘Jar’ you get notifications when there is a change in the product status or release date.

The Innovator Buyer’s New Best Friend!

On Hypejar you can search new products by attributes, browse future products by various filters, discover new products you had no idea were soon to be released, keep track of new products with the Hypejar Calendar, add future products you think the world needs to know of, share information about future products, see which products your friends are following and anticipating, and from it you can let the world know of a new product and see what others think. Hypejar’s concept is that it is useful for all of us to know what the levels of anticipation are for those upcoming products, so give it a try and contribute to your favorite product’s ‘hype’ before it’s released.



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