About.Me – Online Personal Profile to Show (Off) Yourself and Your Work

Posted on Monday, July 11th, 2011 by

About.Me – We all have multiple accounts scattered all over the Web. There’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, video sites, blogs and others. About.Me offers you an elegant and sophisticated yet simple way to show yourself off to the world online, whether for personal reasons, professional, or both.

Create your personalized About.Me page and use it to lure people into your provided links. Throw in some nice pics, well-written bio and other content you feel is important, and voila, you have it all in one pretty page. See Sean Duffy’s About.Me page as an example (click the image to see the entire profile).

It looks amazing, doesn’t it? For many other profiles go here. To start creating your own sexy profile that shows you off, sign up to About.Me right now. To learn more about the About.Me service, watch this video.

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