Tastebuds – Dating Based on Music Prefferences

Posted on Monday, July 11th, 2011 by

Tastebuds – Ever started dating a gorgeous man or a woman and had a great feeling he or she could be the one, only to discover the turn-off of mismatched music preferences? Music means so much to us on a daily basis, and it can say a lot about the people who choose one artist over another. Tastebuds tries to play the music card in the online dating scene, matching you up with men or women with the same musical taste as yours.

Start off by providing at least three of your favorite artists, specify your gender and sough-after sex, and Tastebuds will show you a list of relevant candidates. Sign up to get the site’s full service and start meeting new people you share something in common.

I did a quick search for men within my age range, in the USA (you can also search for singles in any other country), and received a list of possible dates. The interface is beautifully designed, which gives the proper presentation of listed singles even in the ‘quick preview’ screen made up of a decently sized photo and a short bio paragraph.

Although I’m happy I’ve already found my special someone, Tastebuds’ way of meeting new people is an out of the box approach I hope will catch on. And if you’re a single man or woman reading this post, what’s there to lose? Sign up to Tastebuds.

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