A Google a Day – Trivia Game to Help You Master Search

Posted on Monday, April 25th, 2011 by

A Google a Day – Google has done it again with this brilliant trivia game. To help its vast community of users in learning how to search better and faster, Google came up with A Google a Day, a daily trivia question for which the answer lies in the proper search, via Google search, naturally.

Each day a new question will be waiting for you, and it’s your job to go ahead and find the answer. Clciking “Answer” won’t give you the bottom line answer, but will rather give you clues of what to look for, and by the end of that process you will discover the answer yourself. Since this trivia game is both fun and didactic, it gets an A plus from me. Why don’t you challenge your friends to a Google duel? Should be fun and interesting!

Here’s an example of a question and the answer of Google a Day’s question from April 16.

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