Nogeno – Home is Where the Music Is

Posted on Monday, April 25th, 2011 by

Nogeno – The team behind Nogeno has a calling. They want this website to serve as a home for the musicians who “need something personal – a page to call their own which will bring out their music, videos, upcoming gigs and much more.” Although there are many prominent sites for novel musicians (such as Bandcamp, MySpace and others), Nogeno’s added value comes in the form of lack of commercialization, or so its team claims.

To discover new artists that will suit your taste, you are invited to type in your favorite artist or band’s name in the homepage and the Nogeno system will automatically build a playlist made up of new emerging artists within the ballpark of your preferred genres. Musicians are also invited to create their own music space using Nogeno’s platform to increase their exposure.

Here’s the mixtape playlist Nogeno created for me, based on my submission of Arcade Fire and Modest Mouse, two bands I love to listen to. As you can see, the left part of the screen is the actual playlist, while the right part of that page is devoted to bio and background info regarding the artist/band playing.

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