MeUndies: What’s in your pants?

Posted on Monday, August 13th, 2012 by

Well folks, sometimes you just gotta take care of what you put in your pants, and MeUndies (makers of home-delivered underwear) would agree wholeheartedly…

It’s underwear. And it’s home delivered.

We took a look over MeUndies this week – a new apparel company hailing out of Beverley Hills.¬†And when we say apparel, we do mean underpants, knickers, thongs and whatever else you like to call them! But this isn’t just any underwear, this is very simply designed MeUndies, which arrive in a nice brown box, direct to your door!

So basically, the whole point of MeUndies is to help out those guys n gals among you who just don’t feel like going down to Target and wading through endless choices of average underwear. Instead, you can just pop onto MeUndies, select your style, size and color, and boom, that’s it. Simple. You choose it, buy it, and it’ll be delivered (with free shipping) straight to you.

The question, meanwhile, is whether you’re willing to spend $16 on a pair of plain underpants. But apparently they’re comfortable, and it’s definitely a convenient way to shop for knickers, briefs, boxers and so on! Click here to try out some MeUndies.

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