Sworly: Discover, Listen and Share Music

Posted on Monday, August 13th, 2012 by

Sworly provides you with unlimited access to over 20 million songs readily available throughout the web. Why pay when you can get your music for free?

Quality music for free

The service Sworly provides is not revolutionary but the quality of the execution is what sets it apart from other free music websites. Sworly has a very slick Pinterest-like look and is user friendly. According to the Sworly team you will never hear a single ad from them, they do have affiliated links though, to iTunes and Amazon, for people who actually wants to purchase songs, which is probably how they make their $.

Nice social aspect

Aside from the now common signing in via Facebook, which automatically gives you access to see which of your friends are registered,  Sworly is extremely Twitter friendly. You can sign up using your Twitter account and can tweet your playlists, fave songs, and stay musically up-to-date with your Twitter following. Also you find a new, music oriented, community in Sworly and can follow anyone whose taste is similar to yours. The songs chosen have been filtered so you no longer have to stumble through dozens of mind-numbing fakes and duds on YouTube before finding that coveted song you wanted. I’ll give it a try for sure, you should too.



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