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Steamy Kitchen is a food blog, created by Jaden Hair to help all of you home cookers make fast, fresh and creative  family dinner!

Who is Jaden Hair?

Jaden Hair is a television chef, food columnist and award-winning food blogger at Steamy Kitchen. Her Blog is all about giving food its proper respect in your home kitchen. Jaden belives (much like me…) that you don’t have to be a chef in order to make a beautiful, nutritious delicious meal, it can be all that and still easy to make.

Beautiful food that will make you drool…

Jaden takes all of the food photos that are featured on Steamy Kitchen by herself, showcasing the beauty of her recipes without the fancy props you usually find in food photography. Jaden promises that all of the food created is real, cooked in her own home kitchen and are eaten for dinner that night after a quick 2 minute photo-shoot.

I’m Hungry…

Though most of the recipes have an oriental flavor, Jaden’s cooking is more of a fusion between east and west, bringing you all sorts of cuisine. On Steamy Kitchen you will find a variety of dishes: from gluten free to breads, seafood to salads, and sweets to drinks. So get inspired and get yourself into the kitchen!

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