Meshu: Turns Maps Of Places You’ve Been Into Interesting Jewelry!

Posted on Monday, June 25th, 2012 by

Meshu is an interesting and unique jewelry creation project that deserves a look: It maps places you’ve been to, lived in, or checked into on Foursquare… and turns the maps into striking pieces of jewelry!




Meshu isn’t just jewelry shopping…

One of the most interesting things you’ll find with Meshu is actually the way you can create a simple line-based map of all the places you’ve been, which in itself is something worth sharing if you haven’t got the money to splash out on designer jewelry.

If you do feel like doing some jewelry shopping however, Meshu’s project really is something unique compared to the usual items you’ll find online: it’s jewelry that tells a story! You can show off a map of your life as a necklace, earrings, a broach, or if you’re a guy, particularly smart cufflinks.

The screenshot below shows you how the system works – you draw out your personal map; Meshu connects the dots with big, black lines; and then you select the type of jewelry you’d like to transform your map into. Ingenious if we do say so ourselves!

Click here to map out your travels and try on some unique jewelry on Meshu!

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