mmMule – A Worldwide Exchange: The Most Social Delivery Service Ever

Posted on Monday, June 25th, 2012 by

Tired of paying high delivery prices for your favorite foreign goods? Want to earn a reward on your next vacation? mmMule is an innovative website where a traveler (mule) can bring a requested good to a local in exchange for a reward.

How does mmMule work?

mmMule offers an intriguing trading opportunity for two distinct groups; locals and travelers. A local (you, living wherever you are) can post something you want, and offer a reward. A traveler (you, before you go on vacation) can view the post and offer to deliver the good to that local for the reward.

You then choose a location to meet at, exchange the goods and maybe make a new friend! With mmMule locals can stop paying high delivery prices for importing goods from abroad, and on the other side travelers have the opportunity to hang out with real locals.

mmMule idea works for nonprofits too

For those travelers looking for a rewarding and meaningful experience on their vacation, Angel mmMule is another mmMule service. It connects travelers and non profit organizations: A traveler brings needed supplies such as food, clothes, and books in exchange for a heartwarming experience with the organization. Brilliant idea!

Is it safe?

mmMule’s website has an internal messaging system, thereby allowing trading to happen without having to disclose personal emails. mmMule also suggests safety guidelines for users to follow to ensure safe, friendly, and successful exchanges. However, ultimately it’s up to the users to follow the guidelines to minimize the risk for a bad exchange.

Bottom Line:

mmMule is one of the most intriguing, new travel websites we’ve found in 2012. So next time you’re looking at buying something online from abroad, or going on vacation, check out mmMule, make a deal and have a great experience.

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