Songbird: A Cool Way To Discover New Music

Posted on Monday, June 25th, 2012 by is a fun way to follow your favorite music artists, and “effortlessly” discover new ones that sound similar to the ones you already like!

Another Music Discovery Service?

We like to think we’re pretty good at separating the best music services from the rest over here at All My Faves (you can add our Music Faves to your homepage to have some of the top music websites ready for when you need them!). So naturally, when we first came across, we took a good hard look to decide whether it was good enough to be a Weekly Fave in the company of brilliant music discovery services like Loudlee.

The eventual verdict is that has something unique to offer, and is worth a look – it’s a Facebook connected hub that you can use to follow the shares of artists you ‘like’ on Facebook in a rather sexy looking, interactive newsfeed. It adds extra value by recommending similar artists you may also like to follow. wouldn’t be a Facebook-connected web app without getting your friends involved either, and so on top of the bands and artists you follow, you can also see which bands your friends ‘like’ on Facebook (or if they’re already on it, follow on Songbird!). The artist pages look great too, as you’d hope for from a modern, social, music discovery service.

Bottom Line: is the web arm of iTunes alternative desktop app, Songbird. Whether or not it becomes an essential music discovery tool for you remains to be seen (there’s lots of awesome ones out there already).

But if you’re really into following your favorite artists’ latest updates on Facebook, this website brilliantly cuts through all the noise to bring you only the good stuff. For that reason alone (plus maybe the fact that it looks great), is worth an extended look!

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