Ecomom: Deals & Eco-Friendly Products For the EcoMom in You

Posted on Monday, June 4th, 2012 by

Ecomom delivers healthy, organic products straight to your door.

Ecomom is all about narrowing the gap between the way eco conscious moms think to the way they act. Ecomom provides eco friendly & organic products, delivered straight to your home.

Many moms genuinely think green and Eco friendly. But in real life many moms don’t act the way they truly believes they should. Usually its due to lack of eco friendly stores in their neighborhood or the expenses it involves…

Ecomom gives a perfect solution to these moms with a huge variety of eco friendly products: cosmetics, baby products, toys, school products, furniture, organic food and more… For pretty much all the house-keeping products you can think of, you will find its eco-conscious, affordable version in Ecomom!

Educating for green living

Buying Eco friendly products is more then just keeping you family healthier, its about raising your kids in an environment that has conscious to the world we live in. By doing so there is an unspoken subconscious kind of education, by which kids grow up and follow the example their parents provided them with. So get conscious and try being an Ecomom, I know I try to be one myself (well at least an Ecodad… 😉 )


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