Serendip: Music Discovery & Social Music Radio

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Serendip is a fun, new way to discover music through friends and music soul mates…


Look for something, find something else even better by chance.


Serendip – Serendipity is exactly what had in mind when creating their new website for social music discovery. It enables you to stumble upon new music you’ll love by listening to playlists by amateur online DJs who like the same kind of music as you – and thus may become your ‘music soul mate’.

Because you’re discovering music through friends and music soul mates – in particular via Twitter – you’re more likely to find music suited just to you and your tastes.

In simple terms, is an interface which allows you to choose the DJ’s you listen to as well as DJ yourself if you’re feeling brave enough! Your playlist, which located at the top of the site, allows you to see the song currently playing.  Not digging the current song? You can easily navigate your playlist by clicking the song you want to hear next.

How It Works

Serendip allows you to create a personal music channel in real-time based on music shared on social networks. Simply, search for song you want to share, preview it, then air it via Facebook ,Twitter and/or Email. Serendip also gives you the option to add a few words to go along with the song you share to give your DJ station a personal touch. Like a song you heard on another station? You can also re-air a song you are listening to.

What Makes Serendip Different?

There’s not too much difference between Serendip and the already popular interface allows users to create “rooms,” which other users can join. Designated users, so-called “DJs,” choose songs to be played to everyone in that room, while all users are able to talk with one other through a text interface. essentially takes out’s rooms and text interface, and adds personal channels and more social network integration.

All My Faves Bottom Line:

Regardless of the similarities between Serendip and Turntable, Serendip is worth trying: you’re likely to discover something great by accident. Don’t forget to give a song a rock on to recommended it to your friends and also lets the DJ know that you liked it!

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