Cube Mayhem: Game of the week: Its fun to train your brain!

Posted on Monday, June 4th, 2012 by

Cube Mayhem is our puzzle game of the week. Read the review…

Cube Mayhem is our game of the week, this week on All My Faves Games. We felt like taking your brain for a spin, and that’s why we chose Cube Mayhem – a fun, challenging puzzle game, where the objective is to guide a cube to the exit by placing a variety of command titles at the right locations.

Not just another Cube game…

Now that sounds just like any Cube game, the thing that separates Cube Mayhem form all the rest is the fact that its really good! Nice graphics along with incredibly hard advanced levels make Cube Mayhem one step higher then the rest of the cube games and place it in the honorable seat of our chosen game of the week!

Enjoy, and don’t tear off your heir in frustration, in the end you always manage to get to the next level

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