Calling All Men: Lookcraft Will Help You Dress Better

Posted on Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 by

If you’re a man, and you hate clothes shopping / no longer want your mother and girlfriend to bug you about new clothes, you’ve come to the right place… Lookcraft asks you your preferences from a series of pictures of clothes, takes your sizes, and in return pops out a selection of outfits you might actually like!

Clothing for men (or the men in your lives)

Now you may have noticed that I am in fact not male. I am however blessed with a wonderful brother who is far too lazy to shop, which means I usually get stuck buying most of his wardrobe. I took the Lookcraft quiz with his sizes and my fashion sense to find not only some decent clothes and funny comparisons, but a website that even the laziest male shopper would surely not mind spending some time on.

The Quiz

The quiz begins by asking you to simply click on the image you like the look of the best. Easy enough. And that’s the way it continues, just adding more pictures of splendidly dressed guys and asking you to select the ones which you think match your style. Once Lookcraft has enough choices, it takes your sizing info and builds up a mini profile of your ideal style. But who will your style icon be?

The style icon you never knew you had

Apparently my style is much like Clint Eastwood’s. “Embodying toughness, gentility, honesty, with a good dose of grit is a fine balance, one that Clint Eastwood masters, even down to his perfectly broken-in boots.” Furthermore, I was told that my style is Americana (insert American working in Israel joke here). “This particular style embodies the traditional industrious American male, full of fortitude, boldness, and a penchant for adventure.”

Here were my recommendations:

I have to admit, I find the choices Lookcraft gave me at the end of the quiz a little on the expensive side. So the transition from fun quiz taking to actual purchasing should only be taken by those with a few extra dollars to burn. The clothes do look good though and are designer brands. Shipping is free and if you don’t like the clothes, you can send them back for free as well.

Bottom Line on Lookcraft:

Lookcraft is easy to use, fun to play around with, and is just a really well designed shopping site for men. It’s almost like having your own personal shopper! I just wish that you could tell the website more about yourself: I’m sure the clothes recommendations would look different if I had mentioned that my brother is fourteen… Either way, I definitely suggest you try Lookcraft out.

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