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Do you stay awake at night debating whether or not there is life outside of Earth? Maybe whenever you ask your friends their opinion on a heated topic they give you a ”who cares”, and so you’re looking for an outlet to debate with others. Opinsy is here to let you release all of that tension…and your opinions with it…

“created for the sole purpose of sharing opinions”

While many people use Twitter and Facebook to share their (sometimes unwanted) opinions, Opinsy is created for the sole purpose of sharing opinions. Topics range from current affairs such as who would make a better president, to something as silly as marmite tastes delicious (sorry Aussie friends, I disagreed).

You can scroll through the most popular topics and click away, select a category such as “Arts & Entertainment” and give your thoughts on “Forrest Gump was the best movie of the 90s” or use your intellectual side to debate about “Science and Technology” and whether you agree that “Time travel will one day be possible”.

“The home of debate on the web”?

Its creators tell us, “Opinsy aims to become the home of debate on the web; an online platform for the sharing and discussion of opinions. If Twitter helps to tell you what people are doing now, Opinsy aims to tell you what they’re feeling.” And their approach is to let you agree or disagree with any opinion submitted to the site, or add your own too. Whether Opinsy can take a slice of Twitter’s huge market chunk away is a question that will reveal itself over time, although it certainly is fun to use…

My opinion…

I decided to share my own opinion….something I feel passionately about and wonder how many other people out there agree. I believe that the Real Housewives of New Jersey franchise is the best show on US television. I created my own opinion, added a fun little photo (of someone flipping a table of course), and made it public. I was also able to share it on Facebook and Twitter to see who amongst my friends and followers agreed, or shares a different opinion. Within hours I had 11 people debating on both sides.

Bottom Line: Opinsy vs Opinion Stage

Last year we featured a similar site, Opinion Stage. Opinsy differs because it allows you to link a relevant article or video that supports your opinion, allowing you to seem more credible. Although both are worth a go.

So, interested in seeing how many people believe taxes should be lower, or even if McDonald’s french fries are better than Wendy’s? If this sounds like your thing, I suggest you try out Opinsy as the stage to share your opinion… You never know how many people might agree.

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