ZocDoc: Your Cure for Finding the Best Doctor

Posted on Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 by

Have you woken up feeling sick, decided you need to see a doctor today, but don’t have one you can rely on? ZocDoc rescues you from your misery and pain and can match you with a doctor in your city that will most likely see you within 24 hours.

A Comprehensive Way To Compare Doctors

ZocDoc allows you to choose your zip code, specialty of doctor, and – probably the most important part in your decision-making – your insurance company. When friends refer you to doctors, sometimes you have different insurance companies and are stuck without a doctor you can trust. ZocDoc only lets you view doctors who will accept your insurance so there is no time wasted. Next to the doctor and office locations, there is also a schedule online of all of the available appointments within the next few days all the way until the next month. You can book an appointment for free online, without even having to call the office.

Looking for a particular hospital that the doctor is affiliated with? The doctor’s credentials are all listed, including where they received their degree, different hospitals they work at, and the languages spoken at the office. Read the reviews that other patients have given. Wait time is even included in the rating!

Say goodbye to continuous forms

If the only thing you have in common with your doctor is their handwriting, don’t stress. A new feature ZocDoc has just released is having the option to fill out forms online.

Along with many people, I’d say the worst part of visiting the doctor is not the actual examination, but rather the constant paperwork. ZocDoc appears to have listened to their users and found people wanted to reduce the time spent filling out paperwork. By filling out the forms online, both patients and doctors have agreed that it makes reviewing information easier, and will be held in their system, so no more worries of misplaced files.

Bottom Line on ZocDoc:

Booking a doctor’s appointment has never been easier. See if ZocDoc has the doctor you’ve been searching for today.

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