Sharetapes: MixTapes are Back & they are Better than Ever!

Posted on Monday, March 25th, 2013 by

Sharetapes are mixtapes reimagined for the digital world. Using NFC and QR to connect with your favorite online content, you can now hand or post your online playlists for people to listen on their compatible smartphones, tablets and desktops.

A New way to Share Music

Sharetapes offers a new, unique and fun way to share your favorite songs and videos with your friends. Using your existing platforms like Spotify, YouTube, 8tracks etc. you can create personalized playlists which will then be saved onto your very own Sharetape(s) by hitting record at Share tapes with friends who can simply tap with NFC (if they have a recent Android, Windows or Blackberry device), or scan the sharetape using any QR code reader app (on all Smartphones, including iPhones). Or they can just head to and press play! Sharetapes are the perfect gift – they are physical cards that contain NFC (Near Field Communication) chips and QR codes so they can play mix-tapes on smartphones and tablets!

MixTapes are Back!

Sharetapes takes me back to the 90’s (yes, I’m that old…) when my high school buddies and me just got our driving license and had a friendly competition about who curates the best mixtapes for his car’s stereo… Back them creating a mixtape was not an easy task, you had to either use a double cassette tape recorder or recording directly from radio stations, but the result was a musical version of each person’s personality. Sharetapes is the first product (that I know about)  that manages to produce this ‘musical business card’ effect which is why I love it so much. Now it’s not a free service, 5 Blank Sharetapes will cost you $6.99 but in my opinion it’s totally worth it. Give it a try and take part in the reinvention of the good old mixtapes.

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