Invisible People – Society, Open Your Eyes!

Posted on Monday, September 6th, 2010 by – Homeless people have practically become invisible by you, me and everyone else, as everyone walking down the street intentionally avoid eye contact with ‘those people.’ We simply continue on, minding our own business, thinking homelessness is someone else’s problem. Well, it’s not. That’s why is here, to throw it right at your face. That’s our society’s reality, folks. We might as well come to terms with it and see these people for what they are: they’re the same as you and me, trying to make a better life for themselves.

This most compelling vblog by a former homeless person is touching, difficult at times yet extremely poignant. Made up of videos of actual homeless people across America, aims to make us open our eyes and acknowledge all those men, women and children who are striving for life’s basic needs on a daily basis. This vblog truly makes the invisible visible again, pointing out the need for our admission, recognition and realization. That’s it.

To start exploring InvisiblePeople, I suggest you first read the About page, then start exploring the videos. Mind you, some are hard to watch. Below are the stories of Dennis from New Orleans, and of Candace and her children in Missouri.

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