Yes Yes Ya’ll – Hell Yeah! Keep Pushing

Posted on Monday, September 6th, 2010 by

Yes Yes Y’all – A music and artists center here to help others on their way to music creation, Yes Yes Y’all is a beautiful website with this declared aim: “to promote and push the artist first and foremost. We want to help support them and you in the best way possible and if anything try to help artists and listeners in these times of change.”

Superbly designed and unique in character, Yes Yes Y’all is all about bringing up the good in music creativity and helping artists on their way to making their mark. Explore the site’s Radio section (it’s amazing), the blog, and Channel Y. If you’re in the field, help yourself and submit your music. Cruise among big name artists such as Kayne West, Bon Iver, Pariah and many other talented creators. Great concept, excellent music, design and user participation? Yes Yes Y’all!

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