Laughable: Discover Podcasts Through Comedians You Love

Posted on Wednesday, January 25th, 2017 by

Laughablelaughable1 copy is a podcast app for comedy lovers.

A Must-Have App For Comedy Podcast Fans

laughable2The podcasting world continues to expand, and there are plenty of apps attempting to entice rabid consumers of the medium. One of the greatest thing about podcasts, though, is that there are so many different genres to listen to. While NPR and shows like Serial may get more downloads and attention, the comedy podcast market is booming. Even within that genre, there are multiple types of comedy podcasts. Shows like WTF with Marc Maron and You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes provide in-depth interviews with comedians and other notable people, while live shows like Doug Loves Movies and Kill Tony provide a different type of atmosphere, mimicking the experience of attending a live show at a comedy club. Laughable is the podcast app for people who love all of these types of shows.

Discover Something New

laughable1The main way Laughable differentiates itself from the generic podcast apps, aside from its specific focus on comedy, is via its recommendation engine. It’s much easier to find new podcasts or interesting episodes with comedians you already like on Laughable. You can search for episodes by guest, add podcasts to your queue, or discover podcasts that Laughable recommends. If you listen to comedy podcasts regularly, you may have heard a Laughable ad lately. That shows that comedians have some incentive to participate in the app’s growth. The company seems to be working with comedians and podcasters in order to build a tool that’s beneficial for professionals and fans alike. So if you’re a fan at all, check it out.

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