Picnic Health: Medical Records Done For You

Posted on Wednesday, January 25th, 2017 by

Picnic Healthpicnichealth1 tracks and organizes all of your medical records.

Organize ALL Your Records

picnichealth4Keeping track of your medical records is hard. Especially if you’ve moved, changed insurance, or gone to multiple doctors over a span of several years. Keeping track of your medical records is also important. That’s where Picnic Health comes in. The company designed an online tool to organize all of your medical records from all of your doctors. All you have to do is list your doctors, sign an e-authorization form, and allow Picnic Health to go track everything down. Once that’s done, your medical history is displayed on the site’s platform with informative visuals and other updates about your health history.


Visualize Your Health History

picnichealth3You can even view MRIs and other medical images on Picnic Health. You can read doctors’ notes and reports. You can have Picnic Health send records between doctors for you. There’s a ton of beneficial applications of using Picnic Health, but it’s most useful for keeping track of all your data without having to sort through confusing information on your own. There’s a fairly steep cost of a $300 startup-fee and $33 monthly bill, but if you’re willing to pay for it then Picnic Health can be a useful way to further your health goals (or at least make sense of it all).


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