Askives – Another Soldier in the Q & A Battle

Posted on Monday, June 6th, 2011 by

Askives – Part Q & A, part archive, Askives offers an answers hub for questions of all sorts, and users can comment on all of Askives’ answers.

This service has lots of great things going for it, including a large and diverse Q & A topic base (including who, what, where, how and why), beautiful design and simplicity. However, after taking Askives for a serious test drive, I feel there’s lots to be done to improve this ambitious website. First, who is behind this site? No About Us section can be found, and even Askives’ Terms of Use is not yet linked to any relevant content.

Secondly, I’ve had more irrelevant than relevant answers to questions I’ve submitted. Askives sure looks great, but when it comes to the bottom line, Yahoo Answers and Quora offer much better service. Sorry, Askives team.

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