NoiseTrade – Free Exposure for Artists. Free Music Downloads for Fans. Sweet!

Posted on Monday, June 6th, 2011 by

NoiseTrade – What a sweet music site that offers a helping hand to both artists and music fans! NoiseTrade offers artists a sexy and practical web spot for them to showcase their music, and fans can listen to the music and even download entire albums for free! The sound quality is amazing, which is an added bonus and a valuable part of the NoiseTrade bundle.

Artists are welcome to sign up and set up their page, even create their own widget which can be added to any online venue they may have. Fans don’t sign up -they simply start enjoying the great music on NoiseTrade instantly. Here’s the page of The Vespers, one of the most downloaded artists here on NoiseTrade. Listen to them and you’ll see why!

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