Screenhero: Redefines Long Distance Relationships for Coworkers

Posted on Monday, March 11th, 2013 by

Screenhero is a collaborative screen sharing tool that will allow you to make productive sessions with a remote coworker, you each get your own mouse and you’re both always in control.

Simple, collaborative screen sharing.

Screenhero is an awesome tool for those who wish to work with each other remotely. The product was developed after the Screenhero team realized that most existing tools out there for real-time collaboration are meant for presentation, not collaboration, and are not allowing two people to work on a single screen simultaneously. They took their experience building iTeleport, a top-selling remote desktop app for iOS and Mac, and built Screenhero from scratch. Using this tool makes you realize they really tried to rethink the entire collaboration and real-time sharing experience from the ground-up.

A new Era for Coders!

Though Screenhero is a great tool for any collaborative work, it is simply an awesome one for code review and pair programming. With simultaneous control, both sides can switch seamlessly between driving and navigating, with zero overhead. Now if you get stuck while coding you can work it through with your genius former college roommate or collaborate with a coworker while figuring a problem out. It’s a great tool for anyone, you can instantly present your ideas to your clients, without having to send multiple files back and forth, it basically functions like Google Docs for any application on your computer. Give it a try here, it will change the way you work.

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