Everpix: ReDiscover Pictures you Took & Share what you Love!

Posted on Monday, March 11th, 2013 by

Everpix is a photo platform like no other. You can snap all the photos you want without worrying about organizing them and spend more time enjoying and sharing them, you can even easily print them  at walgreens.

Snap all the Photos you Want!

Everpix is a consumer technology company offering an awesome photo platform. It relies on science with image analysis technology that understands photos on a content level, to seamlessly organize everything in one place. Users can snap as many photos as they want, discover the photos they have, and share what they love. Pierre-Olivier Latour, CEO and Co-founder of Everpix, says that their company is all about reconnecting people with their photo collections: “Printing and holding photos is one of the most personal connections to have with an important memory, and we want to make that experience instantly accessible for our users.

Gather, Choose, Print.

Everpix syncs unlimited full-resolution photos to the cloud, allowing you to import entire collections into one place from multiple sources. It analyzes photos on a content level, automatically grouping photos into highlights and moments, and works across PC, iOS and mobile platforms. Users can import photos from social media and other photos sites, and share seamlessly as albums onto Twitter and Facebook, or share selected sets as high resolution photo mail. Recently Everpix announced an agreement with Walgreens drugstores, enabling mobile printing from Everpix’s iPad and iPhone apps. With its latest version upgrade, Everpix users can order three sizes of prints from their nearest Walgreens store and pick them up in about an hour. Try this great service, rediscover your photos and snap without a second thought.


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