Airman Challenge: Do You Have What it Takes to be Part of U.S. Air Force?

Posted on Monday, January 28th, 2013 by

Airman Challenge gives you a chance to try your hand at U.S. Air Force missions in an interactive online game. From combat rescue to disaster relief, unlock missions to earn points and climb rank.

An Awesome U.S. Air Force Showcase!

When you think about the U.S. Air Force you think ‘Top Gun’, and you probablly think that everyone that joins the airforce becomes ‘Maverick’ and gets to fly an F-16 and blow up bad-guys from across the seas… Airman Challenge shows the different sides of being a part of the U.S. Air Force, from an AC-130 pilot to its Gunner, from an air traffic controller to a field surgeon, from an electrical systems specialist to an explosive ordnance disposal specialist. These are just a few of the careers that are described in this awesome interactive online game.While playing you will receive lots of info about each career path available and you will see why every kind of job is necessary for the greater good.

This is How You get People to Sign Up!

Ever thought of joining the U.S. Air Force? Probably not… Well, Airman Challenge is how the guys from it’s recruiting unit thinks they will get your attention, and what a job they did… The game is very simple but very addictive as well. You climb your way through the ranks by competing genuine U.S. Air Force missions, picking the right crew for each assignment, assigning them to the right tasks and completing them by playing fun short mini games. I don’t know if you will run to the nearest recruiting station after playing the Airman Challenge, but you will have a better clue about what the U.S. Air Force is all about.

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