Is it a Farm Game, a Puzzle Game, or Both?

Posted on Monday, May 7th, 2012 by

So readers, this is our game of the week, Farm of Dreams: an over-grandly titled farm game / fun, little puzzle game.

Like a mixture between Mahjong and Farmville…

At first glance you would imagine you’re about to embark on the flash game alternative to Farmville or Farm town, but alas no. Farm of Dreams is centered around a farm that you build up by earning coins in a blocks puzzle game that is extremely satisfying when you do well, and incredibly frustrating when you don’t. You have to match together 3 corresponding vegetables to create a row and pop them out of the puzzle. The main aim is to get rid of all the stone blocks before time runs out.

Farm of Dreams is addictive and infectious, but it may also leave you fuming at later levels if you get stuck (which I did…). But for a quick play during your coffee break, this farm / puzzle game is definitely a good little time killer! Click here or on the pics to play, free on All My Faves.

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