VOICELESS EYES – How Can you See the Truth if it Cannot be Told?

Posted on Monday, February 4th, 2013 by

VOICELESS EYES is an interactive site that confronts you with sights that mankind tries to ignore. It was launched by Reporters Without Borders in an attempt to raise awareness to the importance of sincere and uncensored journalism.

The Hard Truth Must Have a Voice!

VOICELESS EYES is a part of Reporters Without Borders campaign to make people realize the importance of uncensored journalism, it aims to make people understand how freedom of information is first among freedoms. Without a free press, no campaigning voices can be heard. How can we tackle the scourge of child soldiers, fight for women’s rights or preserve our environment if journalists are not free to expose abuses? In some countries, torturers halt their contemptible trade as soon as the media start talking about them. In others, corruption wanes when investigative journalists start to take an interest in it. How can you learn the truth if no one is allowed to tell it? That is the question being asked by Reporters Without Borders in this interactive experiment.

It’s Your Right and Duty To Witness!

Alexandre Jalbert who is the press officer at Reporters without Borders says We wanted to raise the attention of an Internet audience, that’s why we asked Les 84 agency to create for us a digital experience. Almost half of the world’s population does not have free access to news and information. And one in three web users does not have unrestricted, free internet access. Since 2001, Reporters Without Borders has been fighting for netizen protection and the defence of freedom of expression on the Internet. If Netizens play an essentiel role in the vanguard of news coverage worldwide, more more often they are becoming victims of threats and censorship by governments who fear this new cyberspace of freedom.”  The only thing simple pawns like you and me is not to close our eyes. so DON’T!



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