Catmoji: Because Cats + Internet = Happy Internet!

Posted on Monday, February 4th, 2013 by

Catmoji is a social network for cats, it’s a place for cat lovers to share and discover cat pictures and videos through emoji. Because we all know who our best friend really is! (spoiler: not canine!)

Built by Cat Lovers, for Cat Lovers!

The world is divided by two: you have the dog lovers and you have the cat lovers. Last week we addressed the dogs half with A Place to Love Dogs so this week we address the smarter half (and I’m not taking sides… 😉 ) and are happy to introduce you with Catmoji! Catmoji is a place for cat lovers to share and discover cat pictures and videos by expressing themselves through emoji. The site’s founders claim they are on a mission to make the Internet a better and happier place with cats. Catmoji enables cats to have their own profile online and by that it flood the Internet with cats and happiness.

A Real Catmunity!

Catmoji is built by cat lovers, for cat lovers like you or just about anyone who enjoys cat pictures and videos. If you are a cat person, this is surely your ‘catmunity’! On this community you can share cat content you love and express what you think or feel through emoji. You can discover interesting pictures and videos other users are sharing based on their expressions. Your activity on this community will reward you with badges, and unlocking them will take your cat addiction to a whole new level, seriously. So create your ‘catvatar’ and show the world what type of cat you are!

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