HeTexted: The Way to Read a Man’s Mind Through Texts

Posted on Monday, February 4th, 2013 by

Girls we have all been there. Dazed and confused over a slew of text messages from our man of the moment. Maybe it’s Sex and the City brunch style with three other girls and their advice, or maybe it’s your go-to friend guy friend who definitely knows what guys mean behind their words (normally exactly what is written). But sometimes we need a little more help, and that’s where HeTexted comes in.

Decode His Texts

HeTexted is a girl’s dream best friend. Submit the text conversation, give a backstory, and let other people decide what’s going on. Girls around the world can read your story and decide “He’s into you” “He’s not into you” or “verdict is still out”. Users can also comment and share similar stories of why they think you should run for the hills, or give him another chance.

Get Advice From an Actual Guy

If you don’t trust the opinion from random girls, He Texted also has the option of messaging the “Bros”. There are plenty of options to help you figure out which category your man fits into whether he’s married, or a recovering player. Tell them your story, age, and hope that he gives you some wise advice!

Whether you’re looking for some real, live advice from guys, need another (or 300 more) opinions, or actually want to see what questions girls are asking daily, He Texted has it covered. Decode your man’s texts and find out what he’s really thinking!

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