SwipeMy.Pics: A New Way To Instagram

Posted on Thursday, April 9th, 2015 by

swipemypicSwipeMy.Pics lets you swipe through Instagram photos like you’ve always wanted to: left and right.

Instagram Like You’ve Always Wanted

swipemypics1SwipeMy.Pics offers a new way of looking at Instagram from your web browser. The site, which was built by marketing company ACME in open-source code using Instagram’s API, gives Instagram users additional functions that aren’t available on the regular app. At first glance, SwipeMy.Pics may seem like a relatively useless service. For the most part, it is. But anyone that’s used Instagram’s app has likely grown frustrated about the inability to quickly swipe left and right through pictures, or the inability to zoom in without accidentally double clicking and liking an image. With SwipeMy.Pics, all of that is possible both on desktop and mobile browsers.


Zoom in!

swipemypics4SwipeMy.Pics also removes all of the comments and grids that are found on the Instagram app. It’s meant to remove all of the background noise that typically accompanies Instagram photos so you can focus on what truly matters: the pictures themselves. The site allows Instagram users to sign in with their own handles in order to view their own pictures or their feed this way. There’s also the possibility of simply entering any Instagram handle from SwipeMy.Pics homepage. You can then browse through all of a user’s photos, swiping quickly left or right (and, of course, zooming in as much as you desire). SwipeMy.Pics obviously doesn’t replace the functionality of Instagram’s app, but it does offer a fun way to view the app’s photos in a new light. It’s worth visiting just to test out a different set of features. Plus, it’s always fun to be able to zoom in on photos.


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