Styleblaster: Find out what the stylish hipsters of Brooklyn are wearing

Posted on Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 by

If you’ve always yearned to know what the hippest of the hipsters are wearing in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, your problems have been solved. Styleblaster brings you the latest photos of real people walking the streets of one of the so called hippest neighborhoods in the world.

What do the supposedly hippest people wear?

Williamsburg, Brooklyn has come to be known as the mecca of hipsters. Fashion statements of all kind are made every minute and can be spotted when walking around the streets. But for those of us who don’t live in Brooklyn, we now have Styleblaster. The Styleblaster camera is filming a block from the L subway capturing a variety of people walking on Bedford Avenue in real time.The blog doesn’t discriminate and will show everyone’s outfit ranging from the typical business person on their way to work, to the next big artist/musician/poet.

The creators say “Styleblaster is the world’s first fully-automated live fashion blog, offering real #streetstyle with #nofilter. ¬†We’re proud to be the first styleblog that doesn’t discriminate and shows that everyone has style!” Styleblaster is here to show the world what Williamsburg residents really look and dress like. Scroll through the automatically updated photos and see the range of outfits. If you think their outfit is as hip as their ‘hood, click the little top hat to give them some street credit.

Check out the hippest Brooklynites today on Styleblaster.

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