Serve Up Those Hotdogs NOW – Papa’s Hot Doggeria: Game of the Week

Posted on Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 by

Papa’s Hot Doggeria will teach you that running a hot dog stand is no kid’s game. Your goal is to provide service, cook and deliver the Hot dogs to your costumers… sounds easy? think again!

Become a Hot Dog Making Machine!

Papa’s Hot Doggeria is a great skills and time management game that will truly challenge you. The tasks you face are not complicated, it’s fast food after all, but the pressure of the service can strain the strongest of you out there… Your goal is simple: happy costumers. To achieve it you have to take their orders, drop the frankfurter on the grill, flip it at the right time, put it in a bun, add the right extras an the right portion, pure beverages and popcorn and serve it to the right costumer… this may be easy, if you are serving one person…

Challenging but great fun!

Each ‘wave’ of costumers is harder then it’s predecessor as the pressure grows, and when you find yourself juggling several orders simuntaniusly, you know you are a real lean mean hot dog machine. Between each day’s work you have some bonus levels  where you play small ‘carnival’ like game like duck shooting, object finding and more. Winning in these game with grant you decorations for your lobby, cool hats and cooking improvements. I don’t know about you but I got hungry playing this game, you can play while I’m off for a real Hot Dog!



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