Jam with Chrome: Jam Out With Your Friends in a Virtual Band

Posted on Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 by

Do you ever feel the need to just tap on the drums a little bit? Sometimes you want to bang on the keyboard…but don’t have access to one. Google Chrome brings its latest creation to your ears with Jam with Chrome.

Play virtual instruments with your friends

Jam with Chrome is the new way to play music online with anyone from any computer. You have the option to choose from 19 different instruments and can invite up to three friends, creating a band of four. If you’re like me and haven’t picked up an instrument in your life, stick with easy and just bang on the drums, strum the guitar, and push a few keys on the keyboard.

If you’ve been a musician since you could talk, try out the pro option and use your computer’s keyboard to dictate how you want your music to sound. You’re able to create more music with this option and makes playing the piano much easier. Use the autoplay to change your rhythm, maneuver the slapback delay and distortion. You also have the ability to manipulate the chords like you would on any other instrument.

Jam from anywhere in the world

The best part of this site is not only can you interact with it, but so can your friends-or random people. Send a personal invite to up to three friends or your twitter followers and facebook friends. When they join you, see the instrument they are playing, chat about what tune you’ll play next, and of course hear it in real time.

Whether you just need to lash out with the drums, or want to collaborate on music with your friends, Jam With Chrome, is definitely a way to express your musical talent and just have fun. Check out Keyboard Cat using Jam with Chrome with all of his friends.

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