Polargram: Print Your Instagram Or Facebook Images

Posted on Tuesday, August 11th, 2015 by

polargram5Polargram lets you print high-quality copies of your Facebook or Instagram images.

Hold On To The Memories That Matter

polargram1Smartphones and social media have made photography more accessible and sharable than ever before. The only thing that’s changed is that pictures are much less permanent. While people used to spend time organizing or looking through photo albums, many now lose thousands of images in their iPhone camera rolls. If you’re a Snapchat user, cherishing photos might not seem important. For those of you that want your photographs to last a little longer, Polargram offers the opportunity to print pictures directly from your Instagram or Facebook account. It’s as easy as linking your account, selecting the photos you want to save, and printing them in one of the forms Polargram offers.


Quality Over Quantity

polargram3Unlike sites that compile low-grade, book-length collections of all the photos from your Facebook account, Polargram emphasizes quality over quantity. There are many different formats on which your photos can be printed, but even the “classic” option comes in sets of just 12, 24 or 48. Other Polargram products include framed photos, canvas prints, button magnets or photo booth-style strips. You can also make greeting cards using the site. The quality is comparable to what you’d get by taking an old-school roll of film to get developed, but the process is as easy as clicking a few buttons. Polargram is based in the UK, but it ships to most countries throughout the world. It’s worth considering the next time you take a photo that you don’t want to disappear in 10 seconds or less (or get lost in your phone’s massive collection of images).


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