Picle: Does Adding Sound to Images Enhance Storytelling?

Posted on Monday, April 30th, 2012 by

Picle – Sometimes, a simple picture just isn’t enough. That’s the thinking that inspired young, bearded Brit Alex Harding to create a free iPhone app that allows you to create ‘sound images’: an Instagram-style picture accompanied by a short sound clip recorded at the time you take the photo. The question we ask is whether adding sound to images really can enhance storytelling? 

Why audio/photo hybrid Picle is our iOS App of the Week…

The idea behind Picle is that you can really capture a moment if the sounds happening at the time of a photo are fused with that photo. Its creator, Alex Harding strongly believes in this, as you can see from his introductory video below (the second one). When deciding whether to make Picle a Weekly Fave we really considered whether there’s any point taking a ‘sound image’ as opposed to just making a movie – which captures a memory more than anything –  but then we tried it, and in all honesty, the result is amazing: we created a real story out of the series of ‘sound images’ we made, which play one after the other, ready to be uploaded to the web as a single movie. And if you don’t believe us, watch this video made by the brains behind the app below… this is what Instagram sounds like!

What Instagram sounds like…

The Story Behind Picle – by its creator

Click here to see how you can turn your memories into better storytelling with Picle.

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